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Regional Tiny Teams

Our Regional Tiny Teams accommodates all athletes 3- 6 years of age. Registration is held in August, with practices beginning the 2nd week of September. The season will end with our final competition in April. Basic tumbling technique, proper building skills, teamwork, and dance is the key in this age group.

Competitions -  Our Regional Program consists of 2 local competitions, and 1 regional competition (Erie, Rochester, Niagara Falls, etc)  All Competition fees are included in the monthly tuition. ALL COMPETITIONS ARE MANDATORY

Monthly Tuition - Our monthly tuition is included on the previous page- Tuition/Payment Schedules  This monthly payment schedule includes all expenses for the program for the exception of your initial uniform purchase and Travel expenses. There are many individual fundraising opportunities to aid in tuition expenses. (See Individual fundraising tab for info as it becomes available)

Practices  -   Our Regional 1/2 year teams  will have practice once a week.