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Levels & Expectations

Levels & Age Brackets

Lightning All-stars is proud to be part of building self-esteem and confidence in all of our boys and girls. We teach team building and hard work, while showing the importance of having fun being a cheerleader. On your placement days, you will attend the appropriate time for your age division, and be asked to demonstrate the appropriate skills on the last day for the level you wish to be placed. The decision by the coaches on the level team you are on will be based on what is best for the child. The following are some simple guidlines on what is expected for each level, as well as the age limitations.

Age Brackets

Tiny :  up to 6yrs of age       

Mini :   up to 8 yrs of age     

Youth : up to 11 yrs of age

Junior : up to 14 years of age     

Senior :  up to 18 years of age

Important -  Cheerleaders must have skills 'mastered" in a specific category before they can move to a different level. As always, attitude, work ethic, attendance, tardiness, will all be considered when placing a cheerleader on a team.

Cheer levels, refers to the difficulty of stunts, tumbling,etc that is allowed to be performed. See our Spring Training tab for additional information on level requirements.

Level 1  -  Front/Back Walkovers, Cartwheels, rounds offs, Preps, 1 legged stunts at thigh level, etc.

Level 2  - Back Handsprings, Round-off Back Handsprings, 2-legged Extended Level Stunts, Prep level lib Variations, Straight Basket Tosses, Twist ups on 2 feet.

Level 3 -  round off Backtucks/ rounds off bhs tucks, standing multiple bhs,  punch fronts, Extended level Libs variations, Twist Downs from 2 legged, Twist/1 skilled Basket Tosses, 360 to 2 feet

Level 4 -  round off Layout variations, Standing Tucks, Standing multiple bhs to tucks,  Extended Libs variations with release moves, Double Downs from 2-legged, single twist from 1 legged, Kick Full/2 skill Tosses