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2021 Athlete Evaluations

Team Placement

Each cheerleader will be evaluated by our coaching staff, in order to be placed on the team for each child's skill level, as well as the best fit for the organization. Our coaches will continue to work with every cheerleader to improve every aspect of being a good competitive cheerleader, however we ask for 100% effort at every clinic and opening tumbling date in order for the continued success of each cheerleaders improvement.


2023 Athlete Evaluations - All ages & team types

Once you register  on our "Registration" tab, our staff will contact you with details and deposits due

How are evaluations conducted?

May 2023, we will be holding athlete evaluations for NEW athletes as well as for current athletes. All registered athletes will be assigned a level for practice schedules beginning the following week.

Level practices begin the 2nd week of June. These are not PERMANENT teams. Official "Team Reveal" will be held and athlete placement is based on their performance during their time in Level practices. This gives athletes an opportunity to work on skills and show work ethic, drive to acquire new skills and stunting ability in more than just a 15 minute placement process.

 If you are interested in being a cross-over(performing on multiple teams), make sure you inform the staff at placements. You must visit our registration page and register your athlete prior to placements, and contact the gym to submit payment for the placement fee and deposit.